Ratings System: 

Princess Aggie (an original character, drawn by Shauna) will be doing us the honors of representing each rating. Our ratings system is on a typical scale of 5/5 stars. For each rating, we include how high or low you should put each book on your priority list. Note: sometimes, half-ratings will be used in instances if a book does not quite fit under a 3, or 4 rating. 

5 stars- Phenomenal 
Holy smokes! I swear, it's like this book was meant for me. From the story, to the characters, to the writing, everything about this book was 100% perfect (to me), or even if there was a small thing that bothered me, I was able to overlook it, because I loved that book that much. Ultimately, this one is a true gem, and books like this remind me why reading can be such a moving, memorable experience. Drop everything now and read it. Highest priority

4 stars- Delightful
This was really a great book! I've might have had a couple nitpicks or issues along the way, but for the most part, this book lived up to it's potential. True, in some areas it might have fell a little short (for ex. a rushed ending, a cheap plot twist, poorly developed love interest etc), but any issues I might have had, didn't get in the way of me really loving and connecting to this story. To sum it up, this was an fantastic read! Try to make time for this one soon. High priority. (4.5 stars: High priority)

stars- Enjoyable
For the most part, I liked it. It was a nice and enjoyable read, but either a) some aspects were lacking leading me not being able to connect with the overall story or characters in the way or degree that I wanted. or b) it was a quick and/or light read but not the most memorable, or important one. Don't rush out for this book, but it might be worth reading sometime. Medium Priority. (3.5 stars: Medium-High priority)

stars- Unsatisfactory 
I don't outright dislike this book, but I didn't particularly care about it much either. I was probably intrigued by a couple aspects but overall, but I found it to be dull/uninspired and/or problematic, and most likely had trouble connecting to the characters and overall story. I would not recommend making time for this one, but you might feel differently. Low priority.

1 star- Intolerable
This book failed me completely. I either couldn't finish or forced my way through it. Don't waste your time.


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