Keeper of the Black Stones Blog Tour: Book 2 title reveal + sneak peak!

I reviewed the totally awesome Keeper of the Black Stones back in January and now I'm excited to reveal to you all a sneak peak of book two, and yes, the title! To kick things off, I will start with something fun.

Ten Things We Didn't know About Tatiana

1) Tatiana speaks five languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian). She’s fluent in every language, and used to taunt her father in Romanian whenever she got mad at him.

2) She’s practiced martial arts since she was five years old (tai-kwon-doe). She achieved black belt earlier than anyone else in her class, but did it quietly, because she doesn’t really believe in bragging. She does, however, love knowing that she could beat anyone else in the class.

3) Since her mother’s death four years ago she’s been going to prep schools and living in dorms rather than living with her father or grandfather, who she doesn’t really like. She’s currently staying at KUA (Kimball Union Academy) in Plainfield, NH, where she’s studying languages, literature, history, and marshal arts. During vacation she has to travel home to Vermont to stay with her grandfather, but she spends most of her time away from him.

4) Her favorite place in her grandfather’s home is the tiny room in the eaves of the barn. She found it when she was ten, and realized that no one used it for anything – it was full of old tack, grubby clothing, a wealth of cobwebs, and several very large spiders. She promptly cleaned it out and claimed it for her own. Since then she’s installed a small television, the most comfortable chair in her grandfather’s house, and a mini fridge. She’s also been steadily stealing books from her grandfather’s three libraries, and building her own. He’s never said anything, and she doubt that he cares. This is where she disappears for days on end. She calls it her Neverland.

5) Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride. She won’t admit it, but she’s a romantic at heart, and cries whenever Wesley tells Buttercup, “As you wish.” She’s also kind of jealous that Wesley becomes a pirate. It’s on her list of things to do one day.

6) Favorite dessert: cheese cake, with raspberries and chocolate syrup on top. She likes New York style, not that fluffy whipped kind. She likes to say that whipped cheese cake is for sissies. Her favorite restaurant, thanks to the cheese cake obsession, is Junior’s in New York City.

7) She plays the clarinet, and she’s incredibly talented. She thinks it’s a girly thing to do, though, and doesn't tell many people. But she’s already been invited to join the New York City orchestra when she gets older.

8) Favorite sport: riding horses. It’s one of the only things that makes her grandfather worth the trouble, in her opinion, because he buys her horses that no one else ever could. She’s been in state and national competitions, and done extremely well. One day she’d like to be in the Olympics. If she has the time. Her riding abilities have come in handy so far, considering she practically had to teach Jason how to sit on a horse.

9) Tatiana keeps a journal, but she’ll never let anyone read it. It’s the only place where she’s truly honest, and it would make her extremely vulnerable for anyone to hear what she actually thinks.

10) She was diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was three, and nearly lost her life. Now nothing scares her. She figures she almost died once, and it wasn’t that bad. Why would she worry about dying again?


And now here is a sneak peak from book two......

A Rebel’s Stone
Have you ever had a dream so real that when you woke up, for one brief moment, you weren’t sure where your imagination stopped and reality began? Where you forgot who you were and how you got there, and had trouble remembering even your own name?
I only ask, really, because that’s been happening to me a lot lately.
I realize this sounds crazy, but it’s not too hard to imagine when you think about what I’ve seen over the past few weeks. God, has it only been that long?
I guess I should probably start at the beginning, for this to make any sense at all. Months ago, John Fleming, an old friend of my grandfather’s, introduced him to an archeological discovery. A large stone, which looked more like a kitchen counter than the find of the millennium. His son had found it on an archaeological dig, and taken it to Dartmouth College to unravel its secret.
Fleming showed the stone to my grandfather – Doc to me – because he was a mathematician. See, the stone had hundreds of symbols engraved on its surface, and Fleming thought he’d be able to read them. In the end, of course, he did a lot more than that. He deciphered their meaning, yes. And then he listened to their instructions. Turned out the stone wasn’t just a dusty old relic carved out of granite by an ancient civilization. Or rather, it was, but it was also something a lot more. A portal, capable of doing the impossible. Capable of transporting someone back in time, into the very history of our books and stories. And it wasn’t the only one.
Allowing that journey, of course, means allowing us access to that history, and the people that made it. And that, my friends, is the crux of the problem.
My grandfather recognized immediately how dangerous the stone was. He knew that going back in time would endanger history, and the fate of the world itself. Unfortunately, Nicholas Fleming, John’s son, looked past the danger and saw the fame and fortune that such a discovery would bring. Unwilling to listen to my grandfather’s warning, Nicholas armed himself with a weapon and his twenty-first-century knowledge, climbed onto the stone, and went merrily back to Old England, to reappear some five hundred years before I was born.
My grandfather, with his ability to read the stones, identified Nicholas’ destination and went after him. His plan was to bring the man home, to safety, but that goal was quickly overshadowed by what Nicholas was doing. Because within days of finding him, Doc realized that Nicholas’ ambition had gone far beyond money and glory. He had decided to reshape history to his liking, starting with the War of the Roses. And in changing history – for reasons that still escape us – he was putting the entire world in danger. He had to be stopped.
You might be asking yourself how I got involved in all of this. Devine intervention, coincidence, bad luck? Well, that’s the million-dollar question that keeps me up at night. And I still don’t have a good answer. Not one that would make sense to anyone other than myself. The simple truth is that I also have the ability to read the stones. And I can do it better than my grandfather. I can travel back in time, yes, but I can also do more. Somehow, and I know how crazy this sounds, I can talk to the stones. Learn from them. Use them as the tools they actually are. And it’s all with one goal in mind: to preserve our past. To maintain history and, with it, the thread of time, and the world around us.
How do we do that? I have no idea. But I can say with a bit of pride that we’ve already started. Doc and I, with the help of my friends, Tatiana, Paul, and Katherine, and my recently acquired body guard Reis, defeated Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, despite Fleming taking his side, and thus helped to close the door on the Dark Ages. We stopped Nicholas Fleming from throwing the world off balance by changing the outcome of that one important war. So we’ve already started our fight for history and the world.
Unfortunately, Nicholas Fleming, now known as Dresden, escaped. Doc believes that Dresden has no true relationship with the stones, and therefore can’t predict their line of travel. Based on that, he thinks that Dresden’s last trip on the stones must have ended up at the bottom of the English Channel, or atop Mount Everest under several feet of snow. He doesn’t believe that Dresden survived his escape. He thinks that we’re safe, now that Dresden has disappeared.
But I know differently. I know what I saw when Dresden escaped, and the stone he was on made sure I understood. In reality, Dresden was sent to Germany in the year of 1939, right when the Nazis were coming to power. He didn’t know where he was going, but I’m sure he made it there safely. And I have to find him. No matter how much Doc tries to convince me otherwise, the stones don’t lie. Dresden is still out there, somewhere. And I have to find him and stop him, before he does anything else to damage history.
Because the world won’t be safe until I do.

Jason Evans
Keeper of the Black Stones


About the Author

PT McHugh didn’t start out as a storyteller. He was, however, born into a family that encouraged imagination. He became a fan of history in school and then went to college to become a construction engineer, to build a world of straight lines, angles, and equations. He was just as surprised as everyone else when he realized that he believed in magic, and might just know the secret of how to jump through time. Since then, he’s been researching the possibility and learning everything he can about history. Just in case the opportunity arises. PT was born and raised in New Hampshire and currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Bob, daring to dream of alternate worlds and cheering for his beloved New England Patriots.

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