Mini-Review Monday (1)

Welcome to the first edition of Mini-Review Monday, our new abridged review feature inspired by Entertainment Weekly's Quick Takes. This feature will be posted every Monday and will include 1-3 short reviews. Both adult and young adult books will be included in this feature. 

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For about 2/3rds of book one of James Dashner's dystopian series, I felt like I was the one running the titular maze; a maze of confusion with only vague bursts of comprehension. This is the feeling that the main protagonist of the story, Thomas, also shares. Still, instead of commiserating with his predicament, I was too distracted by the lack of story clarity. The arrival of Teresa, the mystery girl, only added to my frustration as her only function was to manufacture a "love connection". In fact, the plot was a muddled mess. It seemed like all the characters were going around in circles; that this was all just build-up to...something. Perhaps this was the point because after struggling to connect with earlier parts of the story, I breezed through the incredibly alarming climax and twist ending. By the time I was finished, I realized I still had enough interest in the mysterious elements presented at the ending that I wanted to finish out the series. Eventually.  
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All the hoopla for Gillian's Flynn's latest mystery thriller couldn't be worth all that hype right? That's the exact question I had when I started her third novel, Gone Girl... and let me say it is worth the ride. The book was a pure twisted delight, with masterful storytelling, complex characters, and one doozy of a twist that will make you rethink everything (if you weren't already). The story is too good to spoil, so let go of your tv crime show expectations and immerse yourself into this brilliant masterpiece. You think you know, but you have no idea.


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